Logisztika - Informatika - Menedzsment

Gubán Miklós (2020) Logisztika - Informatika - Menedzsment. Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem, Budapest, Magyarország.

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It gives us a great pleasure to welcome the readers of the Journal on behalf of the LIM Editorial Board. The Journal aims to provide publication opportunity for the experts of three dynamically emerging scientific disciplines. The importance of logistics in world economic processes is unquestionable. The globalisation, the purchasers’ demands, the appropriate product range for perceptions, the undisturbed fulfilment of service processes show the indispensability of logistics. A vast number of important researches are being performed in this field, and in Hungary several groups have contributed with valuable results. Our journal aims to present these results, and furthermore provide an opportunity for young researchers to gain visibility. Information technology is another field that has an exceptionally important role in economic development. Even just a couple of decades ago it was unimaginable that we could not live without computers, mobile de- vices, and applications. Social networks intertwine the world, and became an integral part of young people’s life. At the same time major changes occurred in the industry and services as well due to IT developments. In our journal we would like to give floor to topics about this subject with an open mind. Given the background of the founding Institute we have special interest in the results of IT science researches that are connected to economic or financial processes. The third pillar of the Journal highlights the field of management. The state-of-art management, the produc- tion, the service provision, and the complete fulfilment of purchasers’ demand cannot be executed without efficient management scheme. We have to react to present and future challenges with constantly renewing mind-set, novel solutions and toolkits. Management is indeed an inevitable supporter of the two aforement- ioned scientific disciplines. This justifies our interest in publishing the results of this field in our journal, and introducing the colleagues that work in this field. I hope the Reader finds thought provoking and gap filling articles while reading our Journal. Dr. Miklós Gubán Chief Editor BGE Gazdálkodási Kar Zalaegerszeg

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Gubán Miklós
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