The market basket model In information-deficient environment

Hua Nam Son (2018) The market basket model In information-deficient environment. Logisztika - Informatika - Menedzsment, 3 (1). pp. 49-59. ISSN 2498-9037

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In this research the market baskets are is studied in the environment with insufficient information. In the environment with sufficient information the frequency of items and market baskets, the confidency of the association rules can be determined exactly, by which the management strategies can be decided definitely. The problems become more difficult in the environment with insufficient information. The managers in this case have to cope with information deficience and have to decide the management strategies based on insufficient information. In this paper the concepts of frequent items and frequent market baskets, the association rules and their confidency are formulated in a more generalized model with empty data. Because of the deficiency of information the frequency of market baskets and the confidency of association rules can be approximately appreciated only. The problem of determination of the information deficient items and extracting association rules in information deficient environments are shown to be interesting problems. The algorithms to determine the information deficience of items and market baskets, as well as to generate the all information-deficient items are presented also in this paper.

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